Performance Schedule

Welcome to my performance page. Support your local piano player!

I've spent my life entertaining people all over - I just love to make people smile! I've been a professional performer all my life. 40 years experience; inducted into Minnesota Rock & Country Hall of Fame in 2002 for 10 year contribution to pioneering band Denny & the Tornadoes. Lead singer for the 50's powerhouse band The Whitesidewalls; played in national show band Hitz; many more. Dueling Pianos and Piano Bar since 1993. I know a thousand songs (and I can fake most of the rest). 

River Rats is the main Dueling Piano act I play with, but we don't have a lot of local shows (we're mostly corporate and special event). We are, however available for your special event. Visit our website for a quote!

I also play guitar with an acoustic fusion group "Trio Tipo". We are popular with outdoor yard parties & special events. We recently did the 18th Annual East Side Wine Tasting at Nicollet Island Pavilion for the 5th year in a row. Email me for info on booking!

RR = River Rats Dueling Pianos

Trio Tipo-Acoustic Fusion